The GunLife Coach   The GunLife Coach

Stephen D. Powell, an Air Force Veteran with 20 years of combined military & law enforcement experience.

Teaching professionally now for over 25 years as a firearms instructor for numerous organizations and agencies rated as a TCOLE (TX DPS) Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics & Krav Maga Instructor, Sig Sauer Academy Master Firearms Instructor and a NRA Training Counselor. 

Powell also consults within the industry on outdoor range development & operations, training course development, public relations and crisis media management.

Over the years, he has appeared on several Fox News, Sirius XM radio, various regional newspaper, radio and tv shows, promoting veteran entrepreneurship, patriotism as well as educating society on key second amendment issues. 

Stephen's personal mission is to empower others to win in life and on the range from real world experience to real life application. 

A Little Back Story...

My first company, Patriot Outdoors, starting off as a thousand acre training facility located in Eastern New Mexico; was such a labor of love.

It was there where my passions became reality with my unique culture for the facility with over 250K trained students and developing some amazing instructors and staff over the years. All of this and more was a tribute to Patriot's success.

Since 2004, Patriot has provided crucial and relevant firearms training to DOD and SOCOM, State and local Law Enforcement agencies and thousands of armed citizens.

Today, "Patriot" continues to be operational in the defensive training industry. It's a pleasure to serve for the success of those who defend our country as well as helping our citizens stand strong in the face of threat.

  MARSOC Raider 1

 Teaching PreDeployment to AFSOC Troops

An Epiphany!

In the summer of 2020, reflecting on my unconventional approaches to training, I decided to launch "The GunLife Coach".

I realized over the years, I'd developed life application phrases comparing them to "range work and shooting". Along with many years of teaching students from Operators and law enforcement to everyday citizens; I chose to bring my experience in a more personalized outlet.

There have been so many examples in my life and from the thousands of students within my care; from stories of abuse, trauma, combat and life's failures and enabling them to find a path to success.

So, through all of that and more, I felt compelled to bring my experiences and inspirations to the world and help impact those around me.

Now, The GunLife Coach is alive and well and growing right here in the Phoenix Valley.

I attribute all of this, to the faith God's given me and with the support of my wife and family, mentors and friends in the industry. So, Stay tuned on social and get ready to Evolve you Skills & Evolve Yourself!

For Liberty,

Stephen D. Powell ~The GunLife Coach

The GunLife Coach provides products and services to DOD, DOJ, Corporate and Commercial firearms training, private consultation courses, security advisory, shooting sports and gun range industry consulting, team building, leadership training, mentoring, self defense courses, clinics and programs as well as motivational speaking. The GunLife Coach also offers promotional items such as hats and shirts for their clientele.